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Eve Harow


​​​Eve Harow has a singular passion for Israel, it’s history, people and Land. She infuses that passion into everything she does; guiding individuals and groups throughout Israel, broadcasting on internet radio, as Director of Tourism for One Israel Fund, and as a popular guest speaker and Israeli spokesperson in many global media forums. Come see Eve on her upcoming tour. 


Radio Personality | Tour Guide | Israeli Advocate

Eve’s broadcasts are a glimpse into the Israel that you DON’t see. The eclectic mix of the hidden and not-discussed, and personalizing the stories, one on one. make the "little" people celebrities and the "big" people simple and personal.

Listen to Eve on Israel's newest radio station, The Land of Israel.

"The timelessness of it - it is all connected. Israel’s past, present and future are all connected. Everything that happened to us as a people, as a land, relates to everything going on today and what the next chapter of the story will be. And I want to make that understanding of history (past present future) tangible to people." - Eve Harow


Bringing Israel to minds and hearts, on the air and on the ground.

Eve’s personal guiding style is to share her Israel with you - to give  you her knowledge of the land, and to give you her heart. The emotional connection is just as important as the intellectual understanding of what makes this place so unique, so timeless- so miraculous.

A tour with Eve always includes the personal stories of Israel; you will meet individuals off the beaten path that you will never read about in the headlines. Getting to know the “real” Israel.